Italian Provence: the magic of rosé on Lake Garda

Why are rosé or rosé wines so popular?

And why is the Valtènesi a land dedicated to the production of this type of wine?

Pink wines - as we like to call them - are versatile, perfect in a variety of situations and pairings, which is why they are also so popular. Fresh, sweet, drinkable: they can be drunk light-heartedly, whether during an aperitif or as an accompaniment to first or main courses. If the season is fine and you are outdoors, in spring or summer, even better, because they are light and easy-drinking.

Vino rosè Micaela Conti Thun Valtènesi Rosé Lago di Garda

Valtènesi is the queen of pink wines because they have always been produced in the correct way: they are not made by mixing red and white wine, but are produced with a short maceration from red grapes, which give the beautiful pink tone.

aperitivo vista vigneto cantina conti thun

Beautiful savouriness and excellent balance between acidity and sweetness: pairing with food is easy because the range of possibilities ranges over all fresh vegetable, cheese, fish and meat preparations.
So yes to simple, fresh fish-based first courses (e.g. pasta with swordfish, herbs and capers; lake and sea fish carpaccio; trout). Yes also to cold meats and fresh cheeses... in short, no limits.

Find out more about rosé wines on Consorzio Valtènesi and the activities of promotion, protection and information concerning the production of quality rosé wines in the Brescia area of Lake Garda.

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