Polyphenol bomb: Casaliva oil is anti-aging!

A Monovarietal Gourmet Oil 🍈

Our lake offers a precious, indigenous olive called Casaliva.
Intense and elegant, it is a true spokesperson for this marvellous Mediterranean land, combining with extreme finesse with any course.

A bomb of polyphenols with renowned anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties, Casaliva has a medium intense sensory profile: it is not bitter, it is not spicy.
The explosion of fresh aromas - such as freshly mown grass, sweet almonds, white fruit - combined with its great delicacy are its real asset.

A limited production of 200 bottles is finally available again - by popular demand - for purchase online and in the cellar.

Olio Casaliva monovarietale del Lago di Garda

How to taste an oil like a real Sommelier 🍈

We use it every day... but do we really know how to distinguish a good oil?
In addition to the smell (fresh, herbaceous) and density (be wary of oils that are too fluid), tasting is important: here are the small steps to taste it like a real Sommelier.
Sip a small amount of oil while sucking in air, taking care not to swallow it, first gently and then vigorously.
This step allows the oil and all its aromas to vapourise.
To avoid stripping too much (the act of letting the air pass between your teeth) and making too much noise while tasting, you can follow the advice of oleologist Luigi Caricato and 'chew' the oil: the ptyalin contained in saliva helps the aromas to express themselves. Try it to believe!

olive casaliva del Lago di Garda, rami di ulivi del Garda

Advice from our WineBar 🍈

When an oil is so fine, it doesn't need anything else.
We also like to taste it on its own, raw, but we know we are a bit of an exaggerator!

We share with you Pulcinella's secret, the simplest and tastiest starter ever.
Get yourself some good artisan bread (preferably sourdough and from unrefined flours), cut it into slices and warm it slightly in a frying pan or in the oven.
When hot, drizzle with a little Casaliva and add a few crystals of Maldon or Fleur de Sel salt.

It is said that a few drops are all you need for a good aroma: of Casaliva, a drizzle.

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