News from the grape harvest πŸ‡

The grape harvest period has come to an end again this year πŸ‡

This year's harvest was a beautiful one, which really gave us a lot of satisfaction and grapes of the highest quality, beauty and health.

It has been an intense few weeks, but we are delighted with this harvest and look forward to a great year for our wines and grapes.

The summer season was long and hot, with beautiful sunny days that contributed to the perfect maturation of the grapes β˜€οΈ

For the first time in four years, our vines were spared by hail, grew healthy and lush and suffered no damage to fruit, roots or foliage.

The rains that preceded the harvest days were, at the same time, fundamental to the optimal ripening of the grapes, which developed healthily, retaining their intense and 'crisp' flavours, splendid colouring and beautiful, compact texture πŸ‡

A truly incredible season of which we are very proud! πŸ’ͺ🏼

Now we just have to wait for the end of the vinification period so that we can bottle and taste the delicious 'nectar' that this wonderful land has given us again this year🍷

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