Conti Thun 2023 Harvest Diary: A Year of Surprises and Hopes

Dear wine friends, we are delighted to involve you in a very special moment of our wine adventure, the 2023 grape harvest. In this blog, I will take you into the heart of our world, briefly recounting the journey we have experienced together with nature and our vines over the past few months, which reaches its climax in September.


What does this fundamental annual ritual mean for us?

FEBRUARY-MARCH: A Rather Wet Start

This year, our talented winemaker, Cristian, informed us that the weather conditions led to a different start to the vintage than usual. Heavy rainfall characterised the spring and early summer period, greatly affecting our vineyard. The lack of leaves was one of the main challenges, as the plants grew a little differently than usual.

MAY: Initial Prospects Not Excellent

The outlook before the harvest was not exactly bright. The unusual weather pattern had raised some concerns about the quality of the grapes harvested this year. However, as is often the case in the wine world, surprises can be just around the corner.

JUNE: Surprises on the Vine

Day after day, as our experts closely monitored the progress of the season, we began to notice something extraordinary. The grapes were responding unexpectedly well to the weather conditions. The ripening was evolving in a surprising way, revealing potential that we had not foreseen at first.

AUGUST: The Unknown of Wines

Many people ask us before the harvest how it will go... But we know that farmers, like all those who work in contact with nature, are a bit superstitious (try asking a fisherman how his catch will go...!?). The most discussed unknown of this vintage is to understand the type of wine that the harvested grapes will allow us to obtain. This is one of the wonders of the wine world: each vintage is a unique work of art that slowly reveals itself.

SEPTEMBER: The Most Important Moment

The grape harvest is the most crucial moment in our annual cycle. It is the moment when all our hard work, from the care of the vines to the attention during the growth of the grapes, culminates in the harvest of the fruits of our labour. It is a laborious activity, involving expert hands and an overwhelming passion. The grapes are carefully picked, selected for their perfection and transformed into wine in the cellar.


OCTOBER: Hope and Mystery

In this 2023 vintage, hope is alive and palpable. The grape harvest is a mystery that reveals itself slowly, and our task is to follow it with humility and respect. Each vintage teaches us something new and reminds us how deep the connection between nature and wine is.
In conclusion, the grape harvest is a celebration of life, the earth and the art of wine-making. It is a time of anticipation, hope and trust in the beauty and diversity of each vintage.
We invite you to join us on this exciting journey, and we will continue to keep you informed on our social channels IG - FB on how this extraordinary vintage develops.

With affection,

Conti Thun

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