3,2,1..Start the Rosé November 🌸

Here we go! Rosé November finally starts tomorrow! 🌸

What's it all about? A whole month of exclusive promotions dedicated to our Newsletter subscribers 🎁

4 weeks, 4 incredible benefits...One every Friday 🤫


1. 20% discount in the shop
2. Free shipping
3. 10% discount on wines and Christmas Gift Boxes
4. 10€ gift on next purchase

Because with us the party lasts throughout November! ✨

You won't want to miss out! Sign up for our newsletter and become a part of our Rosé Community for exclusive discounts and promotions
We don't want to fill your inbox with e-mails, promise! After the Pink November promotions, we will only send you a couple of newsletters a month to inform you about events, promotions and news from the winery.

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