Our dream

Going back to the earth, falling in step with the natural cycle of the sun and the seasons, breathing in the air of the hills and feeling the wind on our skin.
Our love for Valtènesi goes hand in hand with the plans we have for our life and family.
We decided to move to this area because it is here that we can achieve our dream: living in harmony with nature; tending the fruits of the earth with love and passion, and transforming them into wine and oil; sharing our work and our home with you; and creating a wholesome place where sustainable agriculture, hospitality, excellence, nature, emotions and poetry can live together.
This is what we are, and this is our project. This is Conti Thun.

Our values

We love life with all its colours and shades. We dedicate ourselves to our work with great passion, and believe in people coming together, in the values of hospitality, and in shared goals.
Taking care of the earth in a natural way, respecting traditions and the environment, is not only our livelihood but also a responsibility towards our children and future generations.

The Conti Thun