We love the nature, conviviality and beauty that springs from simplicity. Values and roots of a dream that has become reality. Our own reality. Living and working passionately here, in the lovely hills of Valtènesi on Lake Garda. A project that began with artisan production, inspired by the love of and respect for nature, as part of family-run hospitality. Genuine and high quality.


Corte in Valténesi

Our Walled Farm:
a place that will surprise you.
An oasis of peace.


All our products are the result of a centuries-old local agricultural tradition, supported by technological and professional excellence, which distinguish their style and guarantee quality

Enjoy the experience

Conti Thun is a place where you can discover the pleasures of Valtènesi, where local varieties reveal irresistible flavours that our Cantinetta is ready to serve to you. We love being together as a family, spending time with friends, old and new, cheerfulness and authenticity. In our products and in our personal relationships.

Wine is conviviality.
Wine is expression.
Wine is Experience.