The historic
Walled Farm

The heart of our property is a historic Walled Farm built around an enclosed courtyard whose origins date back to 1800, where wine and oil have been produced since the beginning.
The architecture of the farm is characterized by its internal courtyard, around which the buildings are situated. The courtyard itself provides access to a historic, atmospheric barrel cellar, where you can breathe in the poetry of wine.
The Walled Farm is at the heart of the Conti Thun estate, surrounded by 12 hectares of vineyards and 2 hectares of olive groves.


Our wine and products start their life in Valtènesi, in Puegnago del Garda, a hilly area to the south-west of Lake Garda, ten minutes from the main tourist resorts of Desenzano and Salò.
We are in the hinterland of Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake with a surface area of 370 square kilometres, where rolling hills alternate with small plateaus, formed by the shifting terrain during the ice ages.
The microclimate created by the lake and the unique features of the land make this area particularly suited to the growing of grapes and olives.

Wines and

Oil and

The prized native olive varieties of Casaliva and Leccino have always been renowned in these parts. Thanks to the synergy of man and nature, the fruits of the olive tree give a unique extra virgin olive oil, displaying lightness, elegance and a taste like no other.

Mediterranean beauty

The hills of Valtènesi won us over with their centuries of fascinating history and Mediterranean beauty. The energy of the sun here, the light winds that caress your skin, and the fragrant flora come together in a beautiful natural setting, with vegetation typical of the Mediterranean climate, to be experienced and discovered. Amidst the scents of lemons, citrons and laurel, in a natural landscape of green hills dotted with cypresses and pines, vineyards and olive groves flourish luxuriantly, benefitting from the microclimate created by the meeting of hills and lake. The large basin of Lake Garda ensures mild winters and long sunny summers, with gentle, refreshing breezes. This “sea lake” will win you over with its variety, beauty and affinity to the wonderful landscapes of the Mediterranean.